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Photo Sharing

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What is Photo Sharing? Most people are familiar with websites like Photobucket, Photoworks, Shutterfly, Snapfish,  and other individual photo sharing and storage sites. These are great for your personal photos, but to go to the next level check out Flickr and Picasa! These sites have photos that are mostly royalty-free (meaning you can use them with a resonable citation) and have fantatstic 'professional' grade photos! Both sites have the ability to save your 'favorites' into galleries and can create slideshows of those photos to embed into your blog or other website (check out all about embedding to learn how)


What does tagging have to do with photo sharing sites? Photos on major photosharing sites (like Flickr and Picasa) are arranged by tags. Remember that tags are keywords that make it easier to search and find certain pictures by person, topic, location, etc. So--use tags to search and categorize and remember to ALWAYS tag anything you put on the web. It makes you a good web neighbor by helping to organize the massive World Wide Web for those who surf with and after you.


Why should I set up an account? The advantages of opening a free account on either site are great! You are able to save photos to your favorites and manipulate slideshows and galleries later. You don't have to research to find items later--if you find something worth using, you can save it as a favorite and go back to it later. Remember you can always create a slideshow and embed that show into a blog or website or use them as part of a lesson.


Any words of warning? Sure...watch the key words you and your students use. Your school firewall (web safetynet) might prevent images from appearing or it might not (which might be a bigger issue). Be aware that some photos are not youth-eyes appropriate, so you'll want to be mindful of what will come up before you do a search on your whiteboard in front of everyone!


Visit Flickr

Visit Picasa


A power searcher for Flickr is "Flickr Storm"



Example of SlideShow From Flickr about Arlington National Cemetary

(Found pictures, marked "favorite", clicked "Slideshow" clicked "Share" then Embed the code)



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