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Voice Thread

Page history last edited by Lisa Holton 10 years, 8 months ago


What is Voice Thread? It is a site that allows you to load pictures/video and web content then comment on it. You are able to narrate your way through an event or project.  Voice Thread is much more beneficial for speaking, BUT there is a video option! For free, you can use a web cam to record comments. If you upgrade, you can upload video comments.


You can load the original comments then allow (or not) others to make comments on it as well. This isn't the best site for Deaf/HH unless you have a great webcam, but there are capabilities here that are cool. Maybe some of your students will take advantage of it. It's also just good to be aware of this kind of capability even if this platform doesn't work. Maybe something will come along that is 'better' than Voice Thread for DHH in the future. 


Where's the site? Here There is also an education side here, but it is a subscription only service with higher privacy guidelines.  


Example (low quality web cam--just an example of site capability): 

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