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All About Embedding!

Page history last edited by Lisa Holton 11 years, 1 month ago


You can really do some 'fancy' things if you understand how to embed items into your pages, projects, and blogs. It IS NOT DIFFICULT, and will make you look pretty tech savvy in front of your peers. 




What is a web code? Every website has 2 layers, the one you see (easy to type on, looks nice) and the "source code." The source code is usually in another language called HTML. Some people can read and understand that stuff...I'm not one of those people and you don't need to be either!  


Embed? What are you talking about? When you have something you want to put on a blog, wiki, or other website, you have 3 options:

1-You can put a link to that image, page, or video. This is nice but makes people search for things and they may or may not actually click to check it out

2-You can put the actual item on the page. This is nice because people don't have to click to see your material, but it takes up TONS of memory. This slows down your blog/webpage big time!

3-You can give a hint of the video or project by showing a still image but keep your page fast by letting another page do the hard work by loading the video away from your site--this is embedding!


When you embed, what you're actually doing is telling your page where to find the information instead of storing the information directly on your page. You do this by putting the embed code on your page.


Why should I mess with this? Like anything else if you get the basics, you will be able to play around with things and make hypertexts more interactive and unique. By understanding how to embed items, you can really link your web world together!


So HOW do I embed? Embedding is a little different each time you do it, but here are the basics (Example video at the bottom)


Step 1: Create whatever you want to embed (video from YouTube, project on Vizio, Glogster, Flickr, etc)--if you have a video, you need to upload it to a site that will help you generate a code (info on the Vlog page about this)

Step 2: Look for an embed code. Sometimes it is right there (like on Youtube--look for the "embed code" on the right side. If there isn't an embed code really obvious, look for options like "Share" or "generate code"

Step 3: Copy that code--make sure you get ALL of it from arrow to arrow < >

Step 4: Open the page you want to embed the item on

Step 5: If possible, switch the page to "Source" or "Source Code"--it will look MESSY but don't worry, it will get better in a minute. *some sites you don't have to do this and can just copy/paste the code right in there*

Step 6: Paste the embed code where you want it (if you look in the messy code, you'll see the text you typed already and that will help you find where to put it)

Step 7: Switch out of the "source" view and everything should look rosey again--but even better because your video/project should be visible on the page now, too!





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